Motion-based Multimedia
and Presentation Design


Shoot for the moon
and stick the landing.

Lofty goals often involve unprecedented concepts that are hard to articulate or imagine. We specialize in creating new visual languages and compelling visual strategies for startups in search of funding.

Punch through
communication barriers.

As an entrepreneur, you know that the climb is the best part of the journey. We reduce friction by bridging the gap between you and your creative team, ensuring that your creative vision is preserved, from the board room all the way to deployment.

Discover Patterns in Chaos.  

The reason we’re so good is that we have a gift for finding underlying symmetries and structures. We don’t just pick colors and fonts for you. We take time to understand your business, and we build mythologies around it.

Focused energy leads
to extraordinary results.

Moon Mission actively pursues a low client-count.  By doing so, we guarantee each project the attention it deserves, and the focus that is required to produce truly magnificent work.


Let’s have a conversation.

Every great launch starts at ground-level.

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